Thursday, 7 July 2011

DOL Milky Planet JSK & Headbow Review

I recently bought a replica of the Milky Planet halter-neck JSK by Angelic Pretty. The replica is by Dream Of Lolita on Taobao.

This review will be comparing the differences between the replica and the original dress and my satisfaction with it.

Dress Fabric 
Very thin, and a lemon yellow. Plenty of material in the skirt for a full petti underneath though. The material used for the collar of the replica feels and looks more like the material used for the entire original dress – much thicker and a nice canary pastel yellow.

The Print
 I found the print is pretty accurate. My issues with it is mainly with the ice-creams; on the replica their texture doesn’t look at all cute and ice-creamy but crinkly and brain-like (haha!). My other issue with the print is that its colours are darker than the original, mainly using a dark-almost-red-pink instead of pastel pink, which makes the print seem a bit jarring.

The two following photos show the actual in-real-life colour of the dress...

The above photo has the replica on the left with the AP Special Set MP skirt on the right, so it is easy to see the difference of the fabric, the lace and the colours.

The Lace 
Nice quality, not scratchy at all. The issue is that the ice-cream pattern looks more like a ‘braaaains!’ pattern fit for a zombie dress xP Points for quality, no points for design.

The Fit 
Loads more uncomfortable than wearing brand even though the back is shirred, just doesn’t fit to my torso – waist and bust – at all well or seamlessly. A very awkward fit. I found the side zip to be poor as it kept getting stuck so I had to yank it to do it up – very annoying v.v  Apart from the zip, no issues with the actual construction of the dress though. The dress is sewn securely and well. I am also impressed with the scalloping detail of the hem – sewn very tidily.

The following pic is of the JSK worn with just a blouse... Please be aware the lighting in the bathroom I was in completely messes with the colours, so the colours in these aren't accurate :)

Can see the headbow in the above pic, as well as can see both the headbow and dress waist bow in the first picture at the top of this post :)

Headbow and the dress' bow at the waist. My MAIN disappointment. The construction on the bows is so bad. They are so sad and droopy T.T I can see that adding some interfacing will help enormously, though the lace on the bows looks so sad and keeps curling up. Maybe it would be best to get rid of the lace on the bows altogether.

 A good effort at a Milky Planet replica. With some minor adjustments, mainly the bows, I feel like I have a casual loli dress that will look good on me. I am very happy with the print and, of course, the price!! Ahaha!! This dress costs only a fraction of the price of the original. I am very happy in that I can wear this dress out to more casual places like pubs or gigs or a mountain amble without worrying about it getting dirty or ruined. So leading on from this, I wouldn’t wear the dress to a tea party or feel it is a ‘special occasion dress’ as the quality and comfort just leave me feeling like this is a ‘casual daytime dress’ as opposed to some of my other (brand and offbrand) lolita dresses where I feel like a princess.

 Additionally, I am happy in that I have been lusting after the original Angelic Pretty JSK since it came out, and now with its re-sale value so much higher than its initial retail price I just can’t see me ever being able to buy it, so purchasing a replica felt like my only option of owning some form of the beautiful ‘milky planet’ print, and so I went for it. ;)

Outfit Rundown:

JSK & Headbow - DOL
Blouse, Socks, Bag - AP
Bolero - Bodyline
Shoes - Montreal
Wrist-cuffs - BTSSB
Accessories - chocomint, 6% dokidoki, handmade

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this post helpful :)

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