Saturday, 30 July 2011

Hyper Japan Day 1 - Friday

The second ever Hyper Japan was on last weekend at the Olympia 2 in London. It's an event that celebrates everything to do with Japanese culture, such as food, fashion, toys, games, technology, music, kimono, etc. Additionally this event was supporting Genki Giving where 10% of all tickets sold went to help post-tsunami and post-earthquake Japan.

I caught the train with my BFF KaiKai and we spent the entire event together :) On the Friday I wore Angelic Pretty's Sheep Garden OP in beigexwhite and Kai wore AP's Wonder Party in pink. We had so much fun meeting new and old friends alike :D

With the Tofu Cute shop girls! <3

 Getting ready on the train - drinking coffee!

Me, Kai, Clare, Aisha

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As soon as I walked into the event I randomly won a bottle of sake XD The day was only just beginning and it looked like it would be a good one ;D
It was mentaaal having mine and Kai's and Aisha's pictures taken all the time - it's kinda nice to feel like a celebrity hahaha! Though I can see why celebrities get tired of the paparazzi! ><

We even did a shoot on a car... LOL!
 (Source: Flickr)

 Sparklemance tiems

It was SO nice to meet lolitas and people who I've only ever talked to online before! It was lovely to chat with them and it didn't feel awkward at all, kinda like we already knew each other a bit so conversation came easily, and it helped that everyone was just as lovely in real life hehe :)
Hester was there too! One of our Chester Crew lolitas! haha! Here she is looking fabulous in mint Melty Chocolate by AP.

 I really love this image of us three :33

Loved their wigs!!

There were some cosplayers around, nowhere near as many as at MCM Expo's, but I found this easier to spot them and easier to spot if your favourite characters were being cosplayed. These two are from Kuroshitsuji! <3

 Met Felicity, one of the amazing designers behind Now, Voyager! All the pieces in her hair are hers :D I ended up buying a cake for my hair from her stall :3

We did a lot of browsing! So many wonderful things to see and do! 

Taking a much needed rest!! From walking and having photos taken, though as you can see the second part of the rest did not happen much! haha!

Louisa, Kai, Me, Aisha
Met Louisa! Another lolita who I have spoken to online but only just met in real life for the first time! :3 She makes amazing jewellery and crafty things under the name Icing Sugar - they are divine! And she is such a sweet person <3

Kai, Aisha, Me, Hester

Macaron stall?? I was so excited and beelined right over there XD Bought 1 of every pink macaron for sale - ended up with 10!! XD

 All the different macaron flavours!

Aisha tries her first ever macaron :D

Sparklemance! <3

Outfit Rundown:
Dress & Headbow & Wrist-cuffs - Angelic Pretty
Socks - Offbrand
Shoes - Secret Shop
Bag - eBay
Jewellery & Accessories - Ebay & Claire's Accessories & Dorothy Perkins

Day 2 and 3 to come soon!!!!

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