Saturday, 16 July 2011

Kai and Rai June Meetup

Stayed for four days at Kaikai's house last month. Not for any particular reason, just hung out and did sparklemance-type things - the name for our brand of girly 'bromance' ;D


On the train at the beginning of the journey to Kai's, my 'civilian' look ahaha!
Glasses - Ray-ban wayfarers
T-shirt - Topshop

Kaikai was a darling and let me borrow her favourite lolita co-ord for a day :33

Outfit Rundown:
Dress - Angelic Pretty's Wonder Party Special Set JSK [belong to Kai]
Blouse - Bodyline [belong to Kai]
Big pink headbow - BTSSB
Everything else - Angelic Pretty [belong to Kai]

My Outfit Rundown:
Skirt - Angelic Pretty's Milky Planet special set tiered skirt.
T-shirt - Cute Plush
Bolero - Bodyline
Hair Accessories - Angelic Pretty, chocomint, offbrand
Jewellery - chocomint, 6% dokidoki, tarina tarantino, handmade
Tights - offbrand
Shoes - Angelic Pretty Tea Party's [belong to Kai]

Kaikai's Outfit Rundown:
(This is according to my memory now so I dont know a few pieces xP )
Jacket, Bag, Shoes - Angelic Pretty
T-shirt - Care Bears
Pettis - refuse to be usual
Hair Accessories - chocomint, Now voyager, offbrand
Jewellery - chocomint, 6% dokidoki, Angelic Pretty

And some makeup pictures...

I really liked my makeup this day :)
Should I do a makeup rundown? XP haha!


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