Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Meeting Alice At Shrewsbury

I met up with my good friend Alice at Shrewsbury a few weeks back. Alice is the first lolita I ever met in real life (she was wearing lilac Sugary Carnival), and my first best lolita friend - we hit it off right away!! Shrewsbury was the place we actually first met (in the train station toilets AHAHA) and have been back there for past loli meets, so it felt like it was about time we went for another visit! Shrewsbury is a really quaint town with old Tudor architecture everywhere and little cobble streets and alternative quirky indie clothes and gift stores. I hadn't seen Alice since February before we met up this time, so I was looking forward to it a lot :D Me and Alice have been friends for 2 years now, and even though she isn't into lolita as much as she used to be, we remain firm friends :3

We had a great chat and catch up over coffee and iced tea at a Costa and shared a lemon and poppy seed muffin <3 Then did lots of shopping!!  I did a lot of present shopping for friends' birthdays - Shrewsbury has so many cute gift stores with amazing finds!
And then for tea we both had a McDonald's Happy Meal - cos we're 'cool' like that ;P

Here is everything I aquired that day... xD
*pink sweets
*pink popcorn
*pink pocky
*chinese 5 spice
*pastel pink and blue hair elastics
*cute food stickers
*pink bath washy thing
*insect repellant
*package of cute notelets and blue pony necklace - presents from Alice :3
* Clarins lipstick x 2
*cute pink apple pegs
*cram cream duck coin purse
*pink flipflops

And finally....

Outfit Rundown:
Skirt - Milky Planet special set skirt by Angelic Pretty
T-shirt - Cute Plush
Bolero &Shoes - Bodyline
Wrist-cuffs & Bag - Angelic Pretty
Hair Accessories - Angelic Pretty, chocomint, 6% dokidoki
Jewellery & Brooches - chocomint, handmade, Tarina Tarantino

Took this on the train on the journey there and I really like how it's turned out with the blurred background ^^


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