Monday, 15 August 2011

Hyper Japan ~Cute and Colourful Lolita Fashion Show~ Videos

I was in the 'Cute and Colourful' lolita fashion show at Hyper Japan on the Saturday (23rd July) morning.  It was so much fun! I enjoyed every second of posing on stage, I surprised myself with how much I loved it as I was feeling a bit butterfly-stomach before I went on :')
The show was arranged by one of the London lolitas, Kyra, and I adored the selection of models and outfits she had gotten together for it; meeting the other girls beforehand I loved that they were all so different yet equally gorgeous!

We did the show in pairs, and at the end of the runway each pair had a different pose/theme to do. Kairi and I were a pair (of course! Can't be splitting the sparklemance up now XP ) and we had the pose of making guns with our fingers?? Hahaha maybe it was a juxtaposition of the cuteness??  We were the last pair so keep watching the video to see us, and enjoy all the gorgeous outfits! I'm in the blue with blonde hair and Kai is in pink with brown hair, I come on at the 4.20 mark :)

After the show Kai and I went to the press room to get free complimentary tea, as we hadn't had any breakfast yet ^^; Whilst there, the staff responsible for livestreaming events from the venue asked us if we would be on, and we had an impromptu 'interview' hehe! Kairi was so gigglyy! Aww :') The interview lady was nervous too as she's never done an interview before, but she was lovely, I think she pulled it off well! We talked about the show, our clothes, and getting ready in the morning.

Hope you enjoyed watching them!! Thank you to the respective people who uploaded these videos :3