Friday, 12 August 2011

Manchester MCM Expo

Manchester had its first ever MCM Expo on the 30th of July. Expos usually take place in London and the Midlands, so having one so close to where I live seemed like a great opportunity to go along and check it out.

MCM Expos are a celebration of movies, comics, games, anime, tv, etc. Being a fan of all these things, I have enjoyed myself at a number of MCM's previous events, and was interested in seeing what Manchester Expo would have to offer.

Sparklemance <3

I went to the event with my friends Kairi and Alice. And ran into other friends later on in the day. Everyone seems to know everyone else one way or another at these events xP It was really great catching up with people :33

I wore a lolita coordinate inspired by the character Reira from the anime NANA. For those of you who know or care, I was wearing the Vivienne Westwood lighter necklace too :D
Kairi wore old-school sweet lolita fashion by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.
& Alice was cosplaying as the character Tetra from the Legend of Zelda game series.

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Kairi, Alice, Me

On the way to the event we found a newly opened cafe were giving out free frozen yoghurt! I had strawberry, it was lovely! And it just so happened that the first 100 people through the door got goodybags, and in mine, of all things, was this Vivienne Westwood perfume!! I was so elated and surprised! ^.^
Love the bottle design <3

When we got to the event, there was such a long queue to get in. I was wondering how popular this Expo would be, seeing as it's the first one in Manc, but the amount of people there by far surpassed my expectations. I think it surpassed the organiser's expectations too as the expo was only held in one of the venue's halls, where it quickly became too crowded to move around and look at all the stalls properly. Definitely could have needed more space. 

Pictures taken whilst waiting in the queue...

We made it inside! Yay!

Obligatory mirror shots haha!

 Amazing prints by artist Camilla D'errico - I adore her art so much!! Her style of painting is just up my street! 

My and Alice's Cake-pops! So delicious!

Now for some more cosplay photos!
I'm not sure what the outfits were, but they looked STUNNING! 

Stu as Tidus from FFX and KaiKai 

Amazing Alice In Wonderland cosplay!! 

heehee I have a soft spot for Cloud cosplayers, just had to get a pic with this guy! ^.^

 Kairi saw her friend Charlotte who she hadn't seen in years!
Aww! cute!!

There was one thing that I was disappointed in with Manchester Expo which was the stalls. I did really like all the comic village stalls, I love to discover new art. But in terms of merchandise and activities, there was nothing that caught my fancy. Some stalls like Art Box or Tofu Cute that sell cute stationary, or better jewellery and accessory stalls would have improved the experience for me, and made me part with my money, haha! In the end I just bought some candy...

Chosen for the packaging, I had no idea whether they would taste nice or not xP

I had peach iced tea (my new obsession) at Costa for a break, and I opened my belated present for my birthday from Alice <333
 I love Disney Princess things so this tin was lovely!
 And when I opened the tin, it was filled with all sorts of amazing goodies!! I think Alice knows me very well ahaha! It was such a nice thing to do ^.^

AND Alice handmade me this heart-shaped cookie hair-pin/brooch (it can be either :D)!
 Isn't it awesome!! I love it! Alice is a sweetheart for making it for me, I will always treasure it <3

Some pics from outside the venue, the weather was just perfect!! SO sunny!

This is a paparazzi shot (XP) of Hester who was cosplaying as Chun-Li from the Street Fighter games :D

And finishing off with some pictures of KaiKai and I that I liked ^.^
 The above picture is with flash; my wig just looks rubbish! It looks so much better without flash in the below pics...

Kai stabbing men, who photobomb our pics, in the crotch with her parasol LOL 

And as always....

Outfit Rundown
JSK - Kidsyoyo
Blouse - Miss Selfridge
Hair Accessories - Dorothy Perkins, Claire's Accessories, gifts
Jewellery - Tarina Tarantino, Dorothy Perkins, random offbrand, fake VW
Wrist-cuffs - Angelic Pretty
High-heels - Irregular Choice
Flat shoes I wore when my feet started killing me ^^; - Peacocks

Concluding thoughts....
Next Manchester Expo, if there is one, I feel like there wouldn't be enough reason for me to pay to go into the actual event hall - lacklustre stalls and demonstrations - they just didn't appeal to me. Having said that, the stalls and demonstrations there do appeal to other people, and from the sheer volume of people that attended, Manchester Expo 2011 was a definite success. It just didn't do it for me. I feel like the socialising aspect of catching up with my friends and making new friends is what I enjoyed most out of the day. And I can do that without going into the event. I will look forward to see if the organisers improve the event for next year, see if I find more things for my interests, be it the stalls, guests or demonstrations, but at the moment I don't plan on going next year. I will have to wait and see if the organisers surprise me and I change my mind ;D