Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ready for Hyper Japan?

What to expect from the Japanese Street Fashion activities at Hyper Japan.

Since I last went to Hyper Japan, it has become a twice-yearly event. The first Hyper Japan of the year is this coming weekend, 24-26th February at Earls Court, London. It is the best event/convention in the UK for Japanese street fashion, food, technology, music -hell, Japanese culture in general! No other event holds a candle to HJ in regards to its content, which includes special guests from the country itself.

The major draw for me is the Street Fashion. There are many fashion stalls selling accessories and clothing that can be worn in the numerous styles of Japanese street fashions; even the Japan-based Sweet Lolita brand Baby, the Stars Shine Bright attend! Therefore in the UK this is the main opportunity to get some excellent pieces for your street fashion wardrobe as it is hard to come across items that are relevant here in the West, especially when it comes to the Lolita style.

Additionally, one of the highlights for fashion enthusiasts who want to shop is the Lolita Bring and Buy Stall. First organised at HJ last year, and due to its roaring success, it is back! People can sell secondhand items, brand new items, or handmade items at the stall, as long as they are related to Lolita! It is possible to find items that will go well with other street fashions such as Fairy Kei and Otome also. I find that this stall is an amazing idea. It helps people who are interested in the fashions get ahold of clothing to easily start their own collections, and it helps circulate the already imported Japanese fashion items around the community. I think it's also a brilliant way to share the community's craftiness and creativity by allowing individuals to have a few things for sale.

The main events for fashion lovers at Hyper Japan are the Fashion Shows. Last year's fashions shows showcased only Lolita fashion (You can see a video of one of the shows on my blog here). However this year, the fashion shows are showcasing a selection of all the different Japanese street fashions! This will hopefully give audiences some great eye candy and give them an opportunity to see styles that they mayhaps previously weren't aware of. The Saturday show will consist of the more colourful and sweet styles, whilst the Sunday show will consist of the more classic and elegant styles.

Here's a sneak peak at my outfit for the fashion show on Saturday....

I'm representing the style Fairy Kei. This is just some accessorising ideas based around the hoodie and skirt I'll be wearing. My colour theme is pinkxyellowxblue. The skirt is by the Japanese Sweet Lolita brand Angelic Pretty.

In previous years HJ has held Tea Party events for Lolita lovers. They were hosted by famous Japanese celebrities who are to do with the fashion. HJ 2010 saw Misako Aoki, the main Lolita model in Japan, attend; whilst 2011 saw Kanon Wakeshima, a popular musician and singer who often wears Lolita, attend.

And of course the best bit of the HJ event, is catching up with fashion friends! The Japanese Street Fashion communities are spread out across the UK, so it is difficult to meet up very often with like-minded individuals if you don't live in a city. Despite this, the communities are all tight-knit, and everyone knows everyone by keeping in contact on the internet, such as on Facebook and on Livejournal. It is awesome to have an event like HJ where all these people flock together and we can all have a proper meetup and catchup!

I look forward to seeing everyone who is attending!
I'm at Hyper Japan on the Saturday and Sunday. And in the fashion show at 2pm Saturday.