Monday, 26 March 2012

NicoNico Appearances at HJ last month

On the day of Hyper Japan where Kai and I were showcasing Fairy kei and Pop kei fashions, we appeared on NicoNico's livestreaming channel twice (Feb 25th). Nico Nico Douga is pretty much the Japanese YouTube, and the 'special' thing about it is that you can interact with the internet in real time by comments that scroll across a screen which you can view whilst you're being interviewed. They have started to do coverage from Western events recently and - Unfortunately? - the audience have moved along too, with nearly no Japanese comments; the majority of them being English troll comments from the depths of the meme darkness caverns of the internet. ;)

We made a brief appearance in the afternoon, and then were dragged on again by the interviewer later on. So, hope you enjoy Kai and myself talking to the internet and derping haha! But at least you can get some good looks at our outfits :)


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