Monday, 5 November 2012

Autumn Gets

Thought it’d be cool to share the small cute things I have bought recently :)

IMG_20120925_194853 IMG_20121010_134658

Piano ring from Primark.

Pink Bubbly flavour vaseline. Omg this has become one of my favourite products! I usually use the Rosy Lips vaseline, so I put this on when I feel my day needs some extra sparkle :’)


Cabochons galore!! £20 worth of a mixture of cabochons for a project a friend and I are going to do. I’m excited to use them!

IMG_20121022_1 IMAG4330-1-1 IMG_20121023_1

Cupcake stand made from vinyls! Bought at an antiques fair. I think its awesome :3 Using it for jewellery.

New phone case for my HTC. I got the sparkliest one I could find XP

Sparkly star helix stud from EBay.

IMG_20121105_2 IMG_20121012_141927

The girly awesomely designed coke bottle by Jean Paul Gaultier, loooove it! I’m going to put some fake flowers in it and use it as room decor.

McFly’s autobiography that came out early October. They are my ‘secret’ passion. :P I’m thoroughly enjoying reading it.

IMG_20121007_183931 IMAG4045-1 IMAG4501-2

Silver creepers from River Island, in the sale for £25!

Brown Victorian-style boots, a bargain find on EBay! The extreme pointed toe is what I particularly like about them :D

IMAG4571-1-1-1-1-1 IMAG4577-1-1

Two candles. Apple Pie and Caramel Apple. I’m currently burning caramel apple and its such a festive sweet  scent. Mmm.


And my Dad bought this for me yesterday, strawberry cupcake <3



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