Saturday, 3 November 2012

Halloween on Shoreditch High Street

Over the past few years on Halloween I’ve not really done anything to celebrate it. I thought it was about time that was rectified so I caught the train to London Tuesday night. I planned to go to a friend’s event where they were performing a gig as well as hosting.

I sat in on their band, Pharaohs From The Grave, rehearsing, which was awesome to get a sneak peak at the special Halloween covers they were planning for the following night.

Halloween Day time I went shopping with DeMc in Camden. We had delicious crepes from one of the food vendors in the Stables market. I had nutella. SO GOOD. The vendors have started to sell mulled wine and apple & cinnamon hot drinks, making me feel festive for Christmas!

Picked some last minute props and accessories up from a party shop. The shop had a life-size electrocution chair and dummy that got shocked randomly and started making loud screams, was really scay D: lol. Picked up some makeup, fishnets, garter belt, and a pretty 2013 diary as well. And got DeMc’ hair cut XP


Before we went to start getting all Halloween-ed up, we stopped off at Chin Chin Labs ice cream parlour. It is the best ice cream in London! It is nitrogen frozen and they always have new unique amazing flavours every week. I always try and go whenever I’m in London. This week the main flavour was Trick or Treat Treacle Tart. I had the Treat version and D had the Trick. The actual ice cream was So creamy and gorgeous, tasted just like tart, actually think it’s my favourite flavour from there to date. The Treat was an extra topping, and the Trick was spicy sauce :P


The evening event was on Shoreditch High Street, Hipster Central. And it definitely lives up to its reputation haha. I got a bit lost getting to the venue ^^; and when I found it the Security Door Man wouldn’t let me in. Discussing it later, people decided it was because he thought I was a hooker XP It pissed me off SO MUCH though, but I at least made it inside for most of the Pharaohs’ gig. The covers they played were Ghostbusters theme (my favourite!), The Monster Mash, and Halloween by the Misfits.

I was really happy because I got to see friends I haven’t seen in months! And met a few new people too. I had a berry daiquiri cocktail and the bartender kept making it sweeter at my request, haha, best bartender ever. The downside was that the venue kicked everyone out quite early imo, around half midnight-1am.




Also quite randomly and unexpectedly, I won the fancy dress costume competition! XD I have no idea how and it was quite embarrassing haha XD Winning the female round, I won a sexy gold witch statuette that said ‘Sexiest Costume’ on the plaque, hahahaha!!! Then it was another round between me and the male winner to win some gig tickets for Hell is for Heroes. And I won! SO RANDOM XDDD


I was dressed up as some sort of pirate buccaneer lady XP I really enjoyed wearing OTT top and bottom lashes! I never wear bottom lashes usually. Here’s some pics :’)




I tried contouring as well, damn bad lighting plus mobile camera :’)


After the party, I was invited to Finlay’s house with some others to watch scary movies, because Halloween cant be over at 1am :P Unfortunately it was needed to walk 20 mins in a downpour to get to a bus stop so I got SOAKED, not fun! :P




D melted….


At Finlay’s we started to watch A Tale of Two Sisters and drink cider, but everyone just fell asleep on the sofas at some point during it XP

The next day I needed to travel back to Walesland for work, but before I left I had the BEST.PANCAKE.EVER. at My Old Dutch restaurant in Holborn. IT WAS MASSSIIIVEEE!!


Here’s D’s head for a comparison of the plate hahaha!!!



Was a definite improvement on my previous Halloweens :DD