Friday, 9 November 2012

Lume – Game Review


Lume is a really cute PC game I have been playing recently, and finished the other day. It’s a short point-and-click adventure puzzle game (only the first part is available at the moment) that successfully succeeded in demonstrating its aims, ideas and artistic direction in the first few minutes of gameplay.

What initially drew me to this game were the graphics from screen shots I had seen. It uses paper and cardboard which gives it a pretty, whimsical feel. I love how they’ve animated it,  it’s all very organic-looking; like how I’d imagine paper would move. The look of the game also has a rustic antique-ness. There are old books, a gramophone, and William Morris-like wallpaper, which appealed to my tastes.


The puzzles are the integral aspect of the game. They offer a wide range including word puzzles, music puzzles, and visual puzzles. I found some particularly  challenging, and wouldn't say it was an easy game.

Overall, I’d recommend this game for someone who is after an intelligent quirky little game, especially as the soundtrack is so soothing and magical sounding. Definitely a casual game and I really loved it!

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