Thursday, 8 November 2012

My first Graze box!

Received my first ever Graze box in the post this morning! Just as promised! The Graze team email you the night before you are expecting to receive one to tell you it’s been dispatched. I had a coupon code to get my first and fifth box free, and I couldn’t wait to try them! My friends on facebook have been raving about them, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed!

Graze is a company where they offer healthy treats and snacks. They have 100 options and you receive four in each Graze box. You rate the foods on their website from ‘love’ to ‘hate’ options as well as a ‘try soon’ one. So receiving a box is always a great surprise to see what you will get!

I thought it would be especially useful for me as I snack at work throughout the day. I want to be a bit healthier so the notion of having four exciting as well as healthy snacks seemed like the perfect idea!

Here is what I received in my very first box :D And what the packaging looks like and etc! :D



It came with a personalised leaflet letting me know all the nutritional info about my food, and a leaflet about the company. I thought this was a lovely touch :’)


And a napkin! I am very impressed with their preparedness haha ;D


The food…!!



All gone! I don’t have a close-up of the Hot Cross Yum as when I tried it I just kept on eating XD


Also I had delicious Lavender Earl Grey with my lunch <3



I have some coupon codes to give away if anyone fancies a free Graze box, just leave a comment and I’ll pass one on to you :D


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