Monday, 12 November 2012

Photoshoot for Daily Mail newspaper


Late August I, along with three other girls, did an interview for the Daily Mail, representing the lolita fashion community in the UK. I think the Daily Mail were interested in doing a feature on the style after Marie Claire had ran an article on it in their September issue. Two of the girls were from London and two from up North; Kairi and I were kindly asked to do it from up North.

Due to the fashion’s name you wouldn’t be surprised to find it gets many unjust negative associations lumped on it. These are misconceptions the UK media more-often-than-not jump onto. Additionally, the Daily Mail has a reputation for misleading and twisting stories and for having very Right Wing views; I could see them writing how lolita fashion is corrupting girls or some bullshit. Therefore I’m glad us girls who did the interview have been into the fashion for a long time and are used to explaining what it is. The article has yet to be published, and I can’t wait to find out what the Daily Mail has done with our interview; whether they have twisted our words or not :’)

As well as the interview, they needed some pictures to go with the feature; thus photoshoot in Manchester!
Nick Holt was the photographer, who was LOVELY! He was really into learning about the fashion which was commendable! And was lots of fun to work with. We also met the hair and makeup artist Ritchie, who was a darling! He was super enthusiastic about the shoot and so helpful with the makeup, showing interest in the fashion and really embracing it with his ideas.

My outfit I wore to travel to Manchester: Tshirt from Drop Dead, Bloomers from Bodyline, Creepers from Ebay.

We were a bit late and were excited to finally make it…

Seeing all the makeup laid out was like heaven, hnngggg.

The makeup Ritchie mostly used….
So much pink! Just how I like it ;D

Makeup done! Now to transform…!

Dress & Socks & Headbow – Angelic Pretty
Blouse & Shoes – Bodyline

Close-ups of the makeup. Shimmery pink theme pretty much! Ritchie used RMK and Nars eyeshadows. I love the pigmentation and sparkle! Wish I could remember what the lipstick was! xP

Accessory station… This is what I brought with me.

Then onto the shoot. Nick wanted smiley happy pictures :’) Kairi and I had pictures taken together as well as by ourselves. It was a really fun laidback shoot. You can see we had fun pulling silly faces…

All done..!

We ate M&S sandwiches the photography team had bought us, so kind!

During the shoot 90s music hits were playing in the background. Just before we left we had a boogie to Backstreet Boys/N*Sync, can’t remember exactly! haha! XD

After the shoot, we fancied a sit down and some tea, and decided not to change out of lolita, but to go forth with our frills to integrate with the public. Ritchie recommended we try Sugar Junction Tea Rooms.We were definitely not disappointed! The tea rooms were perfect for some frillies to have some afternoon tea and a catch up. Such cute decor and delicious sweet foods and drinks on offer! We ended up having Victoria sponge cake and a chai milkshake. Most divine milkshake I’ve ever had!


 IMAG3391 IMAG3385-1

IMAG3389  IMAG3387-1

IMAG3388-1-1 386163_10152082096915434_467847381_n


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Have a Beautiful Day!



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  1. The photo shoot looks so much fun- you can never have too much pink or sparkle =) Really looking forward to seeing the final pictures and piece!

    Ah I have milkshake craving now! I went to Sugar Junction with friends around Easter and everything was so ridiculously yummy =3

    Florrie x