Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Rainbow Fringe

I recently dyed my fringe. I did have half blonde and half pink for a long time but I was bored of it, thus I went for MANY colours! Yay! I’m super happy with it. I used pink, purple, and mint/blue. This is what it looked like the day after I dyed it.. at my work with no makeup haha! xP


It’s since faded and is now a pastel rainbow. I’m thinking I want to refresh it soon, and maybe change the position of the colours around. What should I do next?? :D



  1. That looks amazing! I wish I could do crazy things with my hair but I don't have the patience to keep it looking good xP

    1. I'm quite lax with it, and think of the faded colours as 'deliberately' pastel hair hahaha! I could never get the same hair result twice :'D But I think that's fun :D