Friday, 11 January 2013

NYE at Reina’s

A Silver and Gold themed party was held by my friend Reina on New Year’s Eve at her London home. I can definitely say that much fun and merriment was had by all! It was also DeMc’s birthday, so extra reason to celebrate!

Before heading to Reina’s I had a meal at a Mexican with Alex and Nao, as they were going to a different place to celebrate NYE. It was so delicious! Nao and I had hibiscus tequila cocktails when we first got there…



(Pic by Nao)

Got to Reina’s like 9? 10? Can’t remember X’P
My outfit…

There were gold star decorations all over the house and the buffet looked amazing. Golden cakes anyone?

P1020056 P1020057

Lemon Cheesecake cocktail Memz made me when I arrived…


Beautiful messages on the cupcakes, I love it x’D

The amazing golden vegan cake that Mel made…P1020064

At the beginning of the night the girls drifted off to the table for a gossip while the boys had lads time on the sofas. It  happened naturally, and it reminded us of a primary school disco, so funny x’P

Memz and I <3



We are a badass pirate gang, yo! ;) xP

And Mr Pombear was there! Mel’s adorable puppy pomeranian.  I was so happily surprised to see him :33 Cutest puppy ever!

P1020069 P1020070

Left: I was wearing my new galaxy dip-hem skirt that day! <3
Right: Reina the host with Pombear :3

P1020071 P1020081P1020091 P1020120

As the clock struck midnight a confetti canon was released which went everywhere, it looked fab. And I shared a new year’s kiss – my first ever. x’P





As the night drew on and we got even more drunk, a Made in Chelsea drinking game was proposed, to the special New Year’s Eve episode that had aired earlier in the evening and had been recorded. The guys joined in reluctantly, but it turned out to be a really successful drinking game - must remember these rules for next time :D




Mel and Jason’s epic headbanging!


My sparkle lashes I wore that night

At around 4am I commandeered a spare bedroom in Reina’s house instead of going to my planned place of sleep (which was only a 20min walk away) *shrug* haha! was such a comfy bed!

The next morning, or should I say afternoon!! 1st of January 2013. Everyone recovered from hangovers by drinking pints of sugary tea and eating McDonalds. We watched copious amounts of tv: Bugsy Malone, Peter Pan, and the London New Year’s Day Parade, which I did not know existed until that day. It was like a horror car crash I couldn’t stop watching, everyone looked hung over and it was very lacklustre; SO BAD! X’DD





Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fear and Loathing with Kai


First of all: Happy New Year!!

Had a chill out relaxing no-work day at the end of December when I paid Kai a visit. My Gosh, we both needed it. And it was amazing. We watched so much shit and ate so much good shit; it made me so very happy x’P A day like that is definitely appreciated once in a while!


My Outfit was pop fairy inspired x’P


Tshirt, Skirt, Tights – Forever 21
Cardi – New Look
Belt – Primark
Socks – Metamorphose
Shoes – Ebay
Hair  accessories – ManiaQ and 6%Dokidoki
Necklace - Vintage

P1020013-1 P1020016-1

Makeup and smiiiile~haha


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with The Big Bang Theory in the background. When we watch stuff we overindulge (Y) ;’)


Edible butterflies!

We also played the ‘dark side of youtube’ game where you click just the videos that are recommended for you on the ones you watch, thus creating a mysterious journey; you  never know what video you will end up watching a few vids down the line. We went from  Egyptian UFOs to the 10 Best Places that People Aren’t Allowed to Go. Number 1 was Area 51 of course. It was actually intriguing as we learnt about a cave network where only scientists can go as they are filled with ancient wall paintings.

Then Kai treated me to an amazing homemade meal…


She’s a great cook; she made honey-mustard salmon salad for starter,with chicken and sweetcorn soup with egg yolk for main. SO DELICIOUS.




We made it into a fake date and went all out with candles and wine - whilst continuing to watch Fear and Loathing; so romantic hahaha!


I think Kai looks so cute in this pic, like a lost puppy! *_* :’3

P1020038 P1020040

Ice Cream Wall of Separation. My side on the left, Kai’s on the right. It looks pretty manky with flash, but it tasted glorious. It was a Ben and Jerry’s I’ve never tried before, it was maple and pecan amazingness, wish I could remember its name!!

We also watched Adventure Time (the episodes we happened to watch were extra screwed up and crazy for some reason :/ ) and then a UK special one-off  comedy program called ‘The Big Fat Quiz of the Year’ as Richard Ayoade was on it, who is AWESOME, obviously. He’s so clueless about popular culture it is adorable. One of the teams got drunk on wine and were quite hilarious. Only in Britain xP Wine should be involved in all tv quizzes!


Kai recommended me this book, and I read a section about moss and the people who study it. I was pleasantly surprised how interesting it was; I really need to get myself a copy!