Saturday, 23 February 2013

The House of Wolf


The House of Wolf in Islington is a vaudeville antique fest of decadent grandeur with live cabaret acts and the best-looking DJ duo in town, The Roustabouts. The decor was pleasure to my eyes: crystals, taxidermy, flowers, stained glass, and candles - amongst other delights!


IMAG5440-1-1 IMAG5450-1-1
 IMAG5429-1 IMAG5430-1

It was a friend’s birthday that night with a fancy dress theme of the ‘20s. Everyone made an amazing effort and looked fabulous.

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We drank fabulous cocktails and danced to the quirky old-meets-new-electro music and watched the very entertaining acts which featured a burlesque dancer, a musical comedian, and a hoop acrobat.

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IMAG5455-1-1 IMAG5454-1-1

After the acts, D and I ended up dancing mock-20s-swing style (or our own idea of what that was!) on the stage by ourselves. It was lovely fun; pretending to be in the spotlight :’D

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Near the end of the evening, our group somehow acquired one of the upstairs rooms just for ourselves. It was gorgeously dark Victoriana decor with long tables and mirrors.


IMAG5467 IMAG5471
IMAG5472 IMAG5468

My outfit this night:
(Even the bathroom looks gorgeous in House of Wolf!)



Bralet, Top & Skirt – Forever 21
Tie Necklace – Vintage
Bag – Primark
Tights – Bodyline
Shoes – River Island

I loved the atmosphere at the House of Wolf, and I would definitely return again.

Also: thanks to Alex who took some of these photos on his new phone that has a way better camera than mine haha <3


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu London Gig


On Wednesday 13th Feb I travelled to London to see a Japanese pop music and fashion sensation called Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, or KPP. She is extravagant, colourful and cute (or ‘out there’ as we may say in the Western world haha) in her style and personality, which can be clearly seen in her music videos. She has become a hit on youtube due to these amazingly bonkers videos and catchy cute songs, and now has fans all over the world. I am especially a fan because of her inspirational fashion sense.

She is doing her first World Tour in the upcoming months, called “100%KPP World Tour”,  and the UK was the third date! She played at the o2 Islington. The tickets sold out within a few hours; I’m so lucky and happy I managed to get some! This gig was particularly special to me as almost all of my Lolita fashion and fashion friends from all over the UK and London also went. The queue to get in was hands-down the best-looking most-fun fashionable collective of people I have seen in one place! It made me feel so amazing to be surrounded by so many like-minded people.

On the way to the gig in freezing temperatures!

When we got inside we all got pints of cider…

In the gig my friends and I had a great view from the balcony. The stage was decked out in pink and yellow polkadots. I think it’s safe to say that everyone crammed into the venue was so excited to see Kyary in the flesh, chanting and screaming for her. Kyary’s four dancers took to the stage first. Two girls and two guys who were  dressed like twins. The girls wore cute mint skater dresses and lilac bob hair, whilst the guys looked dapper in black suit-trousers, blue shirts, and waistcoat combo. They all wore masquerade-style masks as well.

Then Kyary took to the stage in her first outfit of four changes. She was dressed in the eyeball outfit from her PonPonPon music video, with her hair in pigtails.

P1020368 P1020370

Throughout the gig there were breaks when Kyary needed an outfit change that was taken up with short video pieces about her rise to fame, her favourite things, and a show she has in Japan. These were really cute to watch even though I knew some of the information; Kyary is just as fun to watch in the flesh as in video form.


Kyary’s second outfit change was a lilac Lolita-style dress with a full tiered skirt and applique on the bodice. She was also wearing the most amazing shoes. Sparkly pink flatforms that I really need in my life *.*




The third outfit change was a very colourful fun circus-like unicorn and pegasus dress. The best thing about this dress was it had cute wings on the back! It is such a Kyary dress ;)



P1020394  P1020397

I need to take a moment just to say that Kyary’s girl dancers are SO TALENTED and dance like the pink Duracell bunny on Red Bull. They were on stage throughout the entire gig unlike the guy dancers. They are so energetic and look like they are having so much fun! They compliment Kyary and her songs so well.


My favourite song from the night was Fashion Monster. I felt a really awesome atmosphere with everyone in the audience singing along and doing the dance moves. During the gig Kyary sung all her released singles, as well as her future single called Ninjari Ban Ban (I love the dance for this!). She also did many album tracks as I was not familiar with about 6(??) songs.

Also, I was so happy that she spoke with the audience, using a translator, to include us and say she was enjoying the gig and getting us to interact. I thought that was lovely as the language barrier could have been awkward.

Kyary’s mascot bunny with pink nipples! <3

Finally, the fourth outfit was for KPP’s encore (She sang Tsukema tsukeru). It was a simple polkadot skirt and the black Tour Tshirt from her merch that was on sale at the gig. I bought the same shirt myself. I love the bright colours on the black background.

IMAG6401-1-1 IMAG6404-1-1

Kyary’s gig in London was a lot of fun, and special to me in seeing one of my fashion icons in the flesh and seeing her amazing outfits. She was completely adorable from start to finish, and lived up to everything I had hoped from this gig. I left the venue feeling really happy!


Friday, 15 February 2013

Highstreet Goodies Haul

Went on a stuff-I-need shopping venture last weekend.

Got some toiletries, room decor pieces, paint, food, and some DVDs (I especially needed those bwahaha)

Some of these were:

Paint for my dressing table project. I bought a 50s dressing table from an antique shop recently but the paint on it is all flaky.  Thus operation sand it down and repaint the bugger! In pink and mint. The overall colour will be dusky pink, and there will be a thin mint border on the drawers and the tops.

2013-02-10-13-12-14_deco  2013-02-10-13-17-04_deco
The mint is called ‘Spring’ and the pink ‘Old Rose’.

Necklace for pop style outfits, and storage box that matches my new bedroom theme I’m working on – vintage roses.

PJ Playsuit with vintage style bird print and butterfly buttons
.IMG_20130210_1 2013-02-10-12-40-28_deco

My favourite conditioner for my bleached hair, it’s so good! Get’s rid of dry straw hair that often happens with bleach.

I’m re-doing my hair and roots at the moment, so a box of hair dye, ‘EXTREME platinum’ haha!

DVDs. Moonrise Kingdom and Rock of Ages. Both are movies I wanted to see in the cinema last year but didn’t get the chance, so picked them up in the HMV sale.

And sweets! Very important! lol. A new candy shop has opened near me so I can get pick’n’mix! So nostalgic and wonderful.