Sunday, 10 February 2013

Closet Child Haul

Long time no post. Now that January blues is over, let’s have a new post!

Made my last ever order to Closet Child last month. Closet Child is a physical shop as well as an online shop based in Japan that sells second-hand Japanese Lolita and Punk fashion brands. Their online shop made it simple for people based outside of Japan to get specific or rare items at reasonable and bargain prices. Please see the end of this post if you’re wondering why it’s my last order.

P1020200 P1020207

Here is what I got! I bought a few items to make the most of their service before the end! haha!

Accessories and jewellery. By Chocomint and Ribbon Holic…P1020214

A boob-tube knit dress by the brand MILK…P1020221

P1020219 P1020220

Purple Tshirt from MILK…P1020224

 P1020225 P1020228 P1020229 P1020230

Pink jacket with blue and white pinstripe. I needed a cute jacket for Spring to wear over my pop kei outfits and this is perfect! By Angelic Pretty…P1020241


P1020234 P1020235

Black dress by classic lolita brand Innocent World, the print is called ‘Gertrude’. I have a black and white roses and spikes coordinate planned for this…

P1020255 P1020254P1020259

The second-hand market in the Western world of Lolita clothing is especially overpriced due to high shipping and customs costs in getting the brands from Japan to their country in the first place; this is factored into the reselling cost. Closet Child cuts this out, and you could order a clothing item and not pay an arm and a leg to get a hold of it in your hands. This was due to CC shipping to all countries all over the world as well as Japan, offering many different shipping options – from fast to slow; cheap to expensive. And the main amazing  thing was that on the customs declaration CC would mark the items lower, beneath the starting price for charging customs in your country.

Unfortunately, Japanese customs laws have tightened recently, so Closet Child no longer mark down packages from 1st Feb. This means if I order something in the future I will get a high customs cost slapped on my package as it enters this country. I can’t afford this and I don’t agree on the need for it on second-hand clothing, sooo, there we have it. My last Closet Child order. I’ve been using their service for years, so it is a sad farewell.



  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww *__* I love the Gertrude JSK and the Ribbon Holic bow so badly♥

    1. I'm really loving classic dresses at the moment :DD As well as bright pop kei colourful things! Haha such contrasts! lol!!

  2. A sad farewell but very, very pretty one for what a beautiful haul full of lovely things it is! ^_^ I'm rather in love with that jacket!


    1. Thank you Florrie, glad to share the love with you~ :D I'm really happy with this haul as I can incorporate pieces into my everyday-type outfits too (well, maybe not Gertrude! haha!) ^^

  3. OMG soooo pretty!!
    The black dress is just stunning, and the pink jacket is lovely to!
    I to am so angry about the rise in shipping costs ='[
    Great post, now a follower!

    Jo Tokyo

    1. Aw! welcome! Thanks for following :D glad to share the j fashion love :')

  4. Super cute post ^_^ I love the fitted jacket and all the accessories

  5. I heard about this shop at first time :D shit,I will never order from them :D I love the thing that you purchase <3

    1. Yeah it really sucks that we can't order from them ever again :( and aw thanks ^^