Friday, 15 February 2013

Highstreet Goodies Haul

Went on a stuff-I-need shopping venture last weekend.

Got some toiletries, room decor pieces, paint, food, and some DVDs (I especially needed those bwahaha)

Some of these were:

Paint for my dressing table project. I bought a 50s dressing table from an antique shop recently but the paint on it is all flaky.  Thus operation sand it down and repaint the bugger! In pink and mint. The overall colour will be dusky pink, and there will be a thin mint border on the drawers and the tops.

2013-02-10-13-12-14_deco  2013-02-10-13-17-04_deco
The mint is called ‘Spring’ and the pink ‘Old Rose’.

Necklace for pop style outfits, and storage box that matches my new bedroom theme I’m working on – vintage roses.

PJ Playsuit with vintage style bird print and butterfly buttons
.IMG_20130210_1 2013-02-10-12-40-28_deco

My favourite conditioner for my bleached hair, it’s so good! Get’s rid of dry straw hair that often happens with bleach.

I’m re-doing my hair and roots at the moment, so a box of hair dye, ‘EXTREME platinum’ haha!

DVDs. Moonrise Kingdom and Rock of Ages. Both are movies I wanted to see in the cinema last year but didn’t get the chance, so picked them up in the HMV sale.

And sweets! Very important! lol. A new candy shop has opened near me so I can get pick’n’mix! So nostalgic and wonderful.



  1. The candy looks so cute and yummy!
    that dressing table is awesome too ^_^

    1. I love all the pretty colours that you can find in candies :) Sometimes I don't want to eat them, I just like looking at them haha :')
      Thanks! I can't wait to post pics when I've finished painting it :D