Saturday, 23 February 2013

The House of Wolf


The House of Wolf in Islington is a vaudeville antique fest of decadent grandeur with live cabaret acts and the best-looking DJ duo in town, The Roustabouts. The decor was pleasure to my eyes: crystals, taxidermy, flowers, stained glass, and candles - amongst other delights!


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It was a friend’s birthday that night with a fancy dress theme of the ‘20s. Everyone made an amazing effort and looked fabulous.

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We drank fabulous cocktails and danced to the quirky old-meets-new-electro music and watched the very entertaining acts which featured a burlesque dancer, a musical comedian, and a hoop acrobat.

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After the acts, D and I ended up dancing mock-20s-swing style (or our own idea of what that was!) on the stage by ourselves. It was lovely fun; pretending to be in the spotlight :’D

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Near the end of the evening, our group somehow acquired one of the upstairs rooms just for ourselves. It was gorgeously dark Victoriana decor with long tables and mirrors.


IMAG5467 IMAG5471
IMAG5472 IMAG5468

My outfit this night:
(Even the bathroom looks gorgeous in House of Wolf!)



Bralet, Top & Skirt – Forever 21
Tie Necklace – Vintage
Bag – Primark
Tights – Bodyline
Shoes – River Island

I loved the atmosphere at the House of Wolf, and I would definitely return again.

Also: thanks to Alex who took some of these photos on his new phone that has a way better camera than mine haha <3



  1. Looks like an awesome night!
    I LOVE your skirt, it's so cute ^_^

    1. I had a really great time, love places with amazinggg decor, it really adds to the night!
      And thankss, I think it's my only black skirt!! Haha!!