Saturday, 23 March 2013

Slim Jim’s, Valentine’s & Shopping


Last time I was in London was for the Kyary gig and afterwards I went to Slim Jim’s with Aisha, Kai, D, and Ken. Slim Jim’s is a Whisky Rock’n’roll bar with its main decorative feature being a ceiling full of bras. As you can imagine, we looked a bit out of place considering we had dressed up immensely OTT ‘Japanese Kawaii Fashion' for Kyary. The bouncer on the door at first wouldn’t let us in as he said they do not allow fancy dress! Oooo I felt the burn of that comment. ‘This is just how we dress’ was said and after an awkward pause we were let in XD

Thankfully they had some very yummy cocktails so it was worth going haha!

P1020401 P1020402

“Pull your best derp face”

P1020406 P1020410

(Pic by Ken)

As the night wore on Kai and I found ourselves in the ladies toilets having immense fun with their giant full length mirror and a posca pen to add to the graffiti all over the walls. We were so engrossed in our new activity that we lost track of time. The guys thought we had gotten lost and sent Aisha to look for us hahaha!!


P1020418 P1020425

On the left: Kai decided to express what she believed to be my feelings for her. Pretty accurate imo ;)

My outfit and makeup that night…


Then this happened…
P1020426 P1020428

Valentine’s Day was the next day. I was so surprised that D got me gifts! Victoria’s Secret and chocolates – so perfect!

I wore my Hate Hearts Tshirt by Drop Dead on Valentine’s as it amuses me so to be ironic :’)

D and I had MASSIVE pancakes for food at The Old Dutch in Holborn. I had pear and cinnamon. I am always impressed with their pancakes and this one was no exception!

Later we met up with Kai and Aisha for an evening walk around Central London, vaguely heading towards Covent Garden.

Giant Wreck It Ralph ad in Leister Square :)

In Covent Garden we found a collection of pretty decorated giant eggs…P1020450

P1020451 P1020454

We then came across these giant red metal letters spelling out LOVE. Upon further inspection there were little metal hearts padlocked all over the letters. Each one had a little message written on by a couple or someone wishing for love. Such a lovely thing to see!
P1020456 P1020461

Also whilst I was in London it was Pancake Day! We went to a place called The Diner, which is retro American themed and had amazing thick scotch pancakes. Along with endless coffee refills and orange cream soda. Nommm.
My dish was called ‘The Lumberjack Breakfast’.2013-02-12-20-22-16_deco

Much shopping was had on Oxford Street during my visit as well – of course :P

This Forever 21 pastel dominated area makes me so happy :3P1020444

Love these mintxblackxwhite New Look window displaysP1020465 P1020467

Just had to visit the Disney Store!
IMAG6407-1-1 IMAG6408 

Found the most amazing socks in Topshop!

My purchases!

I fell in love with this Disney room spray description and scent. MARSHMALLOW CLOUDS <3

And a magazine that appeals to my taste faultlessly. I love every page.


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  1. great post! as if that bouncer said that to you though! RUDE!
    you look great anyway :)