Wednesday, 26 June 2013

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Conclusion Part One!


Got a bit side-tracked from this 30 day challenge! Oh dear. I'm gonna complete the last 9 challenges in two parts.

Here's Part One!


Day 21 – Your favorite fictional lolita.

Miwako Sakurada from the anime & manga Paradise Kiss.
She is such a sweet, quirky, unique, innocent yet cheeky character. She makes me feel so positive.


Day 23 – A picture of your handwriting.

Started taking part in this twitter movement recently. It champions random acts of kindness. Check out TheHopefulNotes!! :D


Day 24 – A picture of you from a meet.

This was taken when I won a prize in the raffle as the Tea Party Club's 5th Anniversary Event featuring Juliette et Justine in London last year. A simply wonderful fashion-filled day. I had a lovely time.


Day 25 – Your favorite lolita themed artwork.

I love Hime+You's artwork, it's sometimes adorable and ethereal which reminds me of Victorian children's books, as well as sometimes bright pop cuteness like some work they are doing with The Power Puff Girls.
You can find Hime+You on Pixiv and on their Website.


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Day 21 – Your favorite fictional lolita.
Day 22 – A picture of your room. (Hester's Post)
Day 23 – A picture of your handwriting.
Day 24 – A picture of you from a meet.
Day 25 – Your favorite lolita themed artwork.
Day 26 – Your Facebook profile picture.
Day 27 – One song that fits your favorite lolita style.
Day 28 – A picture of the perfect lolita location.
Day 29 – A picture of a lolita you would love to meet for real.
Day 30 – A photo of yourself taken today and 3 good things that’s happened over the last 30 days.


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