Friday, 7 June 2013

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day 19


Day 19 – What’s in your make-up bag?

I’ve been looking forward to today’s challenge as I loooove makeup.
This post is gonna be photo heavy, haha ;D

So I have 3 sections to my makeup set-up. There’s my eyelashes, then my giant bag of random makeup, then my every day/most used makeup in two small bags.


The big red polkadot Clarins bag. I like this bag as it has a section for brushes with a built-in-mirror at the bottom.


I’m not going to show what’s in here in detail cos there’s just sooo much random crap XP In here are stuff I use occasionally, or stuff that won’t fit into my every day bags like palettes.

You can just have this snippet pic haha.

These two bags hold my every day/most used makeup. If I travel/go out I usually just take the bronze bag with me. There’s a selection from natural to dark to bright makeup looks, so I swap things between them depending on my look for the day.


*Hello Kitty x Liberty brush collection
*Models Own
*Unknown hah

The two every day bags emptied…

Concealers and Primers…
*The Body Shop
*Urban Decay
*Too Faced

Powders and Foundation…
*I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect foundation. I was using a no.7 liquid foundation up until this week, when I decided to try this Maybelline one to see what the hype is about. I’m unsure yet how much I like it.
*Revlon Powder
*Clarins Powder

*Random earthy tone palette from a local pharmacy
*Bourjois in White
*Natural Collection in Gold
*Random bright palette from Ebay

*Barry M
*Natural Collection

*Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil
*Highlighter from Lush

The best eyelash glue…

Eyeliners and Mascara…
*Lancome Hypnose mascara
*Barry M black liquid eyeliner
*Barry M pencil in white
*Avon violet pencil
*Rimmel black pencil

I grabbed the ones I keep in my handbag too.
*Rimmel 1000 Kisses
*Love Hearts glitter gloss
*Rimmel Apocalips

My favourite lashes…

My eyelash storage is getting out of hand as I keep buying more x’D
I have some piles next to this purse now.
P1030350 P1030349



…And that’s my makeup! :)


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