Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Boombox Eryri


P1030032 P1030042

Local North Walian dance organisation Migrations have been organising a short film involving 100 amateur dancers. Here’s a bit about the project, called Boombox Eryri, from their facebook:

“We’re making a new short film and looking for people who live, work or play in rural Conwy county to take part - and hope it could be you!
What is it?
We're filming people in their favourite places, moving to their favourite music. The resulting film will be screened at a special live event in Gwydyr Forest, June 2013.
Who can take part?
Anyone! People of all ages and backgrounds who live, work or play in rural Conwy county.
You don't need to be a performer - no experience necessary.”

So it’s basically a little film celebrating rural life in a way! I was asked to take part as I know the people at Migrations from doing some voluntary work last year.

The song I chose was Ponponpon by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I wanted a song that would match the clothing I was going to wear and that represents an aspect of my life. One of my biggest hobbies and interests is Japanese Street Fashions, and I felt Kyary’s first major hit around the world would be perfect. The video for Ponponpon immediately cemented the kind of artist and singer she would be. I therefore decided to learn the dance that goes with the song too! Seeing as I’m not a professional dancer or anything, this would be better than crazy flailing, as is my usual dancing :P


First time wearing this wig. It was a Christmas present from Kairi, and she has the exact same one :D It’s such a fun colourful wig, and I love the cut of it – it’s so bouncy and really easy to maintain.


My outfit… Wore the Polka Dot Chocolate salopette from Angelic Pretty. And the Candyholic Sparkle ring…


I chose to dance in my Nain’s garden… It’s a rockery/flower bed type space. It looks out over a horse field, and a mountain. I have many memories throughout my entire life with my family and my late Taid in this garden. <3


This is Eilir, who has been filming everyone’s dances and conducting the interviews. He was interesting to chat to. He’s worked with S4C, the only Welsh TV Channel, and he wants to direct weird indie shorts. He also made me super jealous as he’s been to Japan 5 times!

P1030064 P1030065

The only issue we had was that it was super windy!! My wig kept being blown everywhere and my skirt kept blowing up! Luckily I was wearing bloomers!

We used a GIGANTIC boombox Eilir brought along, connected to my phone. Wish I had remembered to take a pic! It was so cool playing Kyary with good bass outside in the middle of pretty much  nowhere. It made me almost gleeful that music this area has probably never heard before was being played for all to hear. Poor tiny village where my Nain lives XD It was definitely a juxtaposition of Welsh countryside meets crazy hyper Japanese pop.

After we’d filmed the dance, there was a short interview where I discussed Kyary and her connection to J-fashion, why I like her, the clothes I was wearing; and why I chose this particular place.

This is roughly the frame we went for…P1030066


After the filming was all done, Eilir left, and I had a lovely cup of tea with my Nain as we looked at old photographs. I hadn’t seen her for a while so it made me happy to see her and to see all the photos. Wish I had taken a pic on my phone of some of them cos they were funny or just really nice :’)

I caught the bus home, but I was short on 40p to get to my town (I could only had enough change to get to the town before mine) but the bus driver was so nice! He let me stay on for free. DAY MADE! I think this is my ‘nice bus driver allowance’ for my entire life though! haha!

Looking like E.T. on the bus X’D


Boombox Eryri is being screened for the first time this Friday in the middle of a forest. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s dances and choices of music!
A sneak peak can be seen here.

I’ll post another blog to let you know how it went :)

P.S. This is the vid I used to learn the dance…

PonPonPon Mirror Dance [Len Version]



  1. your wig is super cute, the colours really suit you lots :) I love Ponponpon, the video is so amazing too! Glad you had a good time!

  2. this wig looks really good on you ^-^ and your outfit is adorable as well <3